• My purpose in life is to transform lives.
  • My passion is to inspire, equip, and grow leaders from success to SIGNIFICANCE.
  • My mission is to equip leaders with the tools required to ignite an intentional growth mindset that will drive behavior to achieve actionable results of personal and professional value.
  • My vision is to see every leader I assist reach his/her highest potential.

Dr. Tracie Hines Lashley

ACEIRT Solutions LLC provides management consulting for small to mid-size businesses, where we use a custom SLAM framework    to maximize results.

  • STRATEGY: We strategize operations to incorporate effective processes, procedures, copyrighting, productivity, system mapping, and more.
  • LEARNING: We also guide companies to create learning systems for leaders and create courses for rebranding.
  • AUTOMATION: Automation tools assist with growth and expansion, which is an area where we assist.
  • MEDIA: When it comes to exposure, we provide ways for companies to use media for scaling and reaching their target audience.

What We Do!!!